Altanx started with an idea: that people deserve Value. Back in 2011, when Altanx’s founder Justin Tan was in high school purchasing uniforms for his soccer team, he realized the choice that all people faced when buying bulk apparel: To either purchase high quality but expensive branded items, or to purchase questionable quality but cheap items. There was no middle ground. Justin then realized that people should have the option to purchase high quality yet reasonably-priced performance apparel items and have the assurance that everything would turn out well. It was at that moment Altanx was born.


Altanx wanted to solve this problem by being a company that provides that middle ground that people deserve. We did it by identifying four key areas that people care about – quality, price, flexible quantities, and quick deliveries. First and most important, we at Altanx believe that people deserve high Quality.  We know that people are not interested in their products being worn once and then thrown away because of the lack of quality. That is why we found the same factories that manufacture for multi-million dollar brands and work with those same factories to produce at the same high quality for Altanx. Cost-wise, we work with the factories during their low seasons to ensure that we can deliver Altanx products at the best Price possible. Finally, by strategically working with committed local logistics companies, Altanx is able to provide both Flexible Quantities and Quick Deliveries so that you – the customers –  can rest-assured that your needs, however stringent, will be met.


Now with a clear vision and purpose, Altanx implemented three core values to ensure that we consistently meet your needs. First, we keep everything Simple. We know how busy life can get and that is why we model Altanx to be as convenient as possible by ensuring that everything, from our products to our services, is simple. Our customers can rely on us to consistently carry the same product year after year while constantly providing the products without issue. Secondly, we understand that each market, and more importantly, each customer is unique. Therefore, it is our commitment that we will always find ways to Adapt ourselves for each unique market. Finally, we care, not only about our product, but about the companies we work with and the customers we work for. Therefore, our final value is Synergy. While we as a company do want to succeed, it is more important to us that our partners and customers succeed to ensure everybody wins.